“This is my Anna, I’m not sure what she does but she makes me less angry!”

— Jack

I offer whole school professional development for teachers, teacher aides and parents/caregivers.

Professional development includes the neuroscience behind behaviour, how the brain develops in childhood and adolescence and the best method to support this development emotionally, physically, socially and educationally.

I also teach approaches to classroom management and the school environment that work with the developing brain, and specific interventions for children with emotional, social and behavioural difficulties.

I introduce the concept of identifying lagging thinking skills in the following five areas:

  • Executive functioning
  • Language processing
  • Cognitive flexibility
  • Emotional regulation
  • Social skills

I offer techniques on how to teach these thinking skills, with emphasis on the way we communicate with children and the language used. I focus on problem solving, and empowering children to become independent and to be emotionally and socially ready to learn in the school environment.

I have worked within schools for over 20 years, focusing on children with behavioural issues, both as a specialist teacher and as a consultant delivering professional development. I really enjoy having a positive impact on both the individual child and the whole school.

I gained my MEd (SEN) with a focus on neuroscience and behaviour. The techniques and ways of communicating with children with behavioural issues worked within my teaching practice and I wanted to share them with the educational community.

Workshops are comprehensive, interactive, fun and give practical ways to interact with children who are not socially, emotionally or behaviourally ready to learn.

I also work with individual children who have behavioural issues that impact on their ability to learn within the school environment, whether they have a diagnosed neurodiversity such as autism, Aspergers, ADHD, ADD or ODD, have suffered trauma or who become anxious and overwhelmed in the school environment. I particularly enjoy working with children and their families who are at risk of being stood down or excluded from school.