I may be a behavioural expert but I am not your child’s expert, you are! I will work together with you and your child to develop the thinking skills to allow your family to work in harmony and for your child to thrive.

I am fully inclusive of all families including: nuclear family, separating, foster, divorced, same-sex, step families, single parent and grandparents.

My approach is based on neuroscience, focusing on how the brain develops through childhood and adolescence. I look at how each child interacts with their environment and what their developing brain needs to be socially, emotionally, physically and educationally successful. Together we look at how family interactions, communication and language can help develop the skills children need to flourish.

I enjoy working with all children who have social, emotional or behavioural needs, especially those who are struggling within the school system. I particularly like working with children who are neurodiverse, including those with autism, Aspergers, ADHD, ADD, OCD or ODD.

  • "Anna changed my life, she changed my family’s life. We went from a barely there family to a family able to live, to love and to have some fun with it. There are so many words I could say here but the biggest word for me would be “capable” I feel capable, Anna made me capable and I cannot express how utterly grateful I am to her, she returned my son to me. I would recommend Anna to anyone."

I look at the following five thinking skills needed for your child to be able to have positive interactions with their world:

  • Executive functioning
  • Language processing
  • Cognitive flexibility
  • Emotional regulation
  • Social skills

Together with your input we identify their lagging skills and then start a programme to teach them, using a variety of tools including collaborative problem solving, emotional understanding, attachment, play and social skills.

Children who suffer from anxiety can easily become overwhelmed, causing them to try to control their environment and the people in it. Working together with you and your child through collaborative problem solving we find solutions to help minimize the causes of their anxiety.

All relationships are built on trust; therefore, it’s imperative that this is where I start the process with your child. I build a trusting relationship based on their interests and having fun.

I’m here to support you and your child and with your expert knowledge we work together to implement the plan over time, with sessions spaced to meet the needs of you, your child and your budget.