Hi, I’m Anna, a behavioural coach and mum to two gorgeous girls. I run Young Minds Consultancy and it’s my passion to bring families together.

I love giving children the skills to thrive and interact with the world around them.

Through my studies for my Masters degree, I discovered neuroscience and learnt about how the brain works and develops. This led to me becoming a behaviour specialist teacher running a nurture group. The techniques worked. Children, families and the school all thrived. I wanted to bring this approach to more families and schools than just the one I was working in.

Then one day I tripped down a hole while running and tore all the tendons and ligaments in my foot. I had to STOP, and this gave me a chance to think. I remember a friend asking me, “So what have you got to change?” In my long recovery, I created the concept of Young Minds, gave up my teaching position and started working as a Behaviour Coach.

My logo is four cogs, which represent the child, family, school and myself.  We all work together to get the child’s cog spinning in harmony with the family and school. The bottom cog represents me as the driving cog connecting and supporting the others to revolve.